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  1. On The Edge Of Honour
  2. The Edge of Light

Most well-crafted and diverse Hackett solo album?

On The Edge Of Honour

I would say so. What is to admire about the Genesis maestro Steve Hackett's latest solo works is the fact that he draws a wide palette of musical influences from all over the world and manages to interflow them into something cohesive and concep Is it possible that in , Steve Hackett has released his best solo album? It doesn't seem possible This album is a fantastic, inspired prog rock masterpiece. I don't even know where to begin praising it. Steve's playing is off the charts.

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At times he remin Those Golden Wings - real classics - what a treat , what a joy! It starts from gentle symphonic landscape and turned into classy art rock anthem , to me it's a highlight track like Dave Gilmour "comfortably numb" but in in a HACKETTs vein!

Review Earlier this year, the legendary ex-guitar player of Genesis, Steve Hackett, released his 26th studio album, named as At the Edge of Light. I don't know ho Musically, It is a very good album, I'm impressed with the quality of this one, very eclectic sound, including more heavier guitars and dark symphonic ambient, it sounds like a combination of king cri I received a preview copy of this album for my podcast and can say it has seriously grown on me.

I am an admitted Hackett fan, but my love for this album goes beyond my support of his career.

The Edge of Light

He has synthesized his sounds and influences on this release, presenting a mixture of guitar clinic, com What an impressive evolution! Fallen Walls And Pedestals 2. Beasts In Our Time 3. Underground Railroad 5.

Steve Hackett - 2019 - At The Edge Of Light-Beasts in Our Time

Those Golden Wings 6. Shadow And Flame 7.

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