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Equilibrium: Side B

There are confused kids and silent strangers in restaurants, funerals and forests. Why the violence keeps happening is the mystery burning beneath the novel, predatory and seductive as a Kendrick Lamar bass line. Jackson presents the novel like a vinyl record, with an A-side and a B-side. Minor themes are repeated, magnified, rephrased.

Do they see themselves as the singer onstage, the act of murder a desire to silence themselves?

But not everyone can be a Springsteen, an unknown kid who steps out of the blue with immense drive, pain and an ineffable magic that defies logic, and gives us a voice, again and again. The best art is a miracle, and there can be only a handful of miracles; the rest of us will just have to be happy with our fates and keep on dancing in the dark. Of course, in America, as Jackson horrifyingly points out, if this divide is just too unfair to withstand, we have a second option available: picking up a gun.

From Hip-Hop to Christian Rock.

Oleg Byonic - N​.​e​.​b​.​o (The story of man)

It took samples of the life forms it found in pools of permanent shadow, mostly slow-growing lichens in frosty patches feeding off a trickle of reflected light, protected from any motile scavengers by the very darkness that cradled them. Once the ColU, digging, found what it called a rare, ancient fossil bed, saved from volcanic obliteration by some accident of uplift, which contained traces of creatures like builders but much taller, each with three long multijointed stem legs. These were creatures built for migration, for speed, the ColU argued.

In such times, the ColU speculated, there must have been creatures that had migrated continually, keeping up with the slow passage of Proxima across the sky. They discussed this, made some records, moved away. Close to the fiftieth-day halfway mark, Proxima touched the horizon at last. Now, Yuri knew, they would descend into the shadow of the planet itself. In the days that followed Proxima descended with agonizing slowness, its light ever more twilight red, its apparent shape distorted to obliquity by layers of the cool air, its lower rim sliced off by the horizon.

Still there were a few stands of trees, an occasional kite flapping. But life here was dominated by the stromatolites. Liu said they looked like natural radio antennae.

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Before that point they drove into weather, seemingly unending storms, rain showers, fog banks, even snow blizzards. Stef argued that as the warm air of the starlit side spilled over into the cool of the dark side, it must dump all its water vapor as clouds and precipitation. The whole terminator, right around the planet, must be a band of semipermanent snow and rain and fog, and they saw no more of the sky for a while.

But they did see streams, rivers, some ice-flecked, flowing down the cloud-shrouded flanks of hills and uplands: the water delivered by the air from the dayside, flowing back the way it had come. Thus, Stef observed, cycles of energy and mass would be closed, all around the terminator, the dividing line between night and day. When they passed through the weather band and the sky cleared at last, the view was spectacular.

Now they rolled through a sea of shadow that pooled at the feet of hills whose upper slopes were still in the light, shining above.

Trees clung to these islands of illumination in the sky, with huge kites flapping lazily. Even farther down the slopes life prospered, a secondary kind, pale, starved-looking creatures a little like crabs or segmented worms, all stem-based, which seemed to feed solely on the fall of dead leaves and other detritus from the higher ground. Yuri felt stiff from the traveling, eyes rheumy, perpetually tired. Yet he was discovering wonders.

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The ColU asked for an extended halt. There could be unique biota up there, at least among the non-flyers, even the tree species. A whole array of unique ecosystems, in starlight islands all around the terminator. Come on, ColU.

Thirteen reasons why - Fountaindale Public Library

Thirteen reasons why, a novel by Jay Asher Resource Information. The item Thirteen reasons why, a novel by Jay Asher represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Fountaindale Public Library. This item is available to borrow from 1 library branch. Creator Asher, Jay, Contributor Razorbill. Summary When high school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing thirteen cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah, who committed suicide, he spends a bewildering and heartbreaking night crisscrossing their town, listening to Hannah's voice recounting the events leading up to her death.

Language eng. Publication New York, Razorbill, Extent pages, 10 unnumbered pages. Isbn